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Dubbed in words on ABC NEWS Special Report from The President

The channel abc NEWS in Tampa, Florida just reported  Special Reoprt with The President, Donald Trump speaking about the Crisis in Virginia. What I heard, “and the ‘KKK'”, was dubbed in over the President’s speech. About a 4 second clip edited simultaneously over the regular broadcasted report. However those words were hacked into the news stations broadcast is beyond me. The chills that went through my body when I heard it right over the President speaking means their are good hackers in this world. Not just bad ones.

I wonder if anyone else listened close enough to catch those words or whether it reached everyone watching the abc News Station all over the United States?

Renée May
Researcher, Blogger of truth and justice

August 14, 2017

When your neighbor brings a bone

When your neighbor brings a bone for your dog that has gastrointestinal issues, she cannot digest a bone off a Cow too well.

So I have to cut it up into parts that I know she can have but will not get as sick… 

Florida’s Weeden Island Wildlife up close & personal

Kayaking the beautiful Bay off the Coast of Tampa Bay, Florida. Weeden Island in Tampa, Florida is located off the Gandy Bridge leading off shore to a paradise island, tropical wildlife and Mangrove trails. A must see and definite experience worth pursuing by boat, kayaking or boarding.
I was fortunate enough in the Summertime of 2013 to go kayaking off Weeden Island preserve. Once out in the channels, a family of dolphins came in to feed. The moment of a lifetime, an opportunity to witness wildlife in action, traveling in unison in pursuit of capturing their prey. A once in a lifetime shot came and went for me as a dolphin swam with vast presicison heading in my direction. As fast as you might expect a hungry 8 foot dolphin to travel underwater in pursue of his prey, magnificently up close and personal, the waves rocked the kayak back and forth as I lost my breath. The motion of the ocean moved all around me as the mammal retreated deeper under the aqua-clear water heading full speed and swam directly underneath my vessel. With precision and speed, the dolphin was underneath my kayak in the blink of an eye and behind me disappearing deeper in pursue of the school of fish being hunted. All in all, I never got that close-up shot but did capture the essence.

DSC_3892 (2)
Mangrove trails in the Bay   located at Weeden Island off Florida’s Intercoastal in the summer of 2013.


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