Dubbed in words on ABC NEWS Special Report from The President

The channel abc NEWS in Tampa, Florida just reported  Special Reoprt with The President, Donald Trump speaking about the Crisis in Virginia. What I heard, “and the ‘KKK'”, was dubbed in over the President’s speech. About a 4 second clip edited simultaneously over the regular broadcasted report. However those words were hacked into the news stations broadcast is beyond me. The chills that went through my body when I heard it right over the President speaking means their are good hackers in this world. Not just bad ones.

I wonder if anyone else listened close enough to catch those words or whether it reached everyone watching the abc News Station all over the United States?

Renée May
Researcher, Blogger of truth and justice

August 14, 2017


Relationship’s With The Opposite Sex 

First things first, I am a romantic but also a realist. Been dating my best friend who’s is a man with two young Boy’s who lost their Mother from Breast Cancer at the young age of 46. I am 42 and the man who is represented here is 43. Although we have known each other since we were 10 years old and he was my first ‘real’ kiss, we ran each other for many years to come. Fast forward to present day, We have been seriously dating now for about a year and half. Since I was never able to have children because of a rare disorder that occurs during the pregnancy that I was born with, I have always been a magnet to baby’s, children, adolescents, people in general. I digress, so the issue involves intimacy along with being a guardian and a lot of help to his young sons who are now 11 & 9. My bo and I have moments of passion and joy that may last for a few months and than the brutal battle begins. Not to go into a lot of details but I wonder how we could have been apart for weeks on end without seeing one another and without being together sexually to coming back into each other’s arms and the passion and intimacy is great! However, this lasts for only three days going into now 19 days straight that I have been at his home watching his sons for the summer without a vehicle because he has no time to help me fix the part which I already have and know what I am doing, contrary to disbelief of women working on vehicles. The bo works as a foreman and his business has been keeping him over worked and under payed according to him. I understand a man that works in heat with employees that either don’t show for work or finish a job incorrectly but the fact that he complains every single night about his mouth sores, his sore neck, now it’s his lymphnode or something in his groined area and to make my last statement, he will not go see a Dr., takes testosterone from a buddy (as if the shmuck is an MD) and has been caught with his own stash of candy I have stumbled upon……  

This man always came home during the day since we started dating, now he is working from 7:00a.m. to about 6:00p.m. & Saturdays. 

When your neighbor brings a bone

When your neighbor brings a bone for your dog that has gastrointestinal issues, she cannot digest a bone off a Cow too well.

So I have to cut it up into parts that I know she can have but will not get as sick…